Charter Revision

Details of the current Charter Revision Effort

At its December 8, 2009, meeting, the New London City Council established a new Charter Revision Commission as a result of passing the following amended motion.

    That the City of New of London pursuant to the provisions of General Statute Section 7-188 hereby appoints a Charter Revision Commission for the purpose of drafting amendments to the existing City Charter. The Charter Revision Commission shall consider, but not be limited to, the following: Mayor Form of government; elected Board of Finance; length of term for City Council members and Board of Education members; and City Clerk position falling under the parameters of the City’s merit system. Each City Councilor will appoint one elector by the Next City Council meeting making the commission a seven-member commission.

The following individuals were appointed to the commission.

    Lindsey Blank (R), appointed by Councilor Olsen
    Minerva Cook (D), appointed by Councilor Hyslop
    Dennis Downing (U), appointed by Mayor Pero
    Robert Grills (R), appointed by Councilor Russell
    Christopher Marot (D), appointed by Councilor Buscetto
    Mary Minton (D), appointed by Councilor Passero
    Stephen Skrabacz (R), appointed by Deputy Mayor Sprecace

Presentation Describing the 2010, City Council Approved Proposed Charter Amendments (.pdf)

Applicable State Legislation:

    Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 99* - MUNICIPAL CHARTERS AND SPECIAL ACTS


    Final Council Approved Proposed Changes to the New London City Charter (.pdf) Note: This version corrects the initial posting.
    Current New London City Charter (.pdf)
    2010 Charter Revision Ballot Questions (.pdf)
    2010 Charter Revision Explanatory Text (.pdf)

    Proposed Changes to the New London City Charter by the 2010 Charter Revision Commission (.pdf)
    Charter Revision Steps Summarized by the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (.pdf)
    Charter Revision Steps Summarized by the City of New London Director of Law (.pdf)

Details of the 2008 Charter Revision Effort

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, New London voters will be asked to vote on the issue of changing the City's Charter. There is only one question on the ballot regarding this issue so all the proposed changes will be enacted if the question passes. As such, it is crucial that New Londoners educate themselves on all the provisions included in the proposed change.

    The documents attached below are provided to assist the decision making process. They include 1) The presentation given by the New London Republican Party on October 22, 2008, at the New London Library, 2) The Final Proposed Changes to the City of New London Charter, and 3) the Current City of New London Charter.

    As a summary, the Proposed Amendments to the City Charter include the following:

      - Administrative changes updating the Charter for current practices (re: obsolete provisions, council meeting time, and fiscal year)
      - Creation of a directly elected, strong Mayor serving as City’s CEO (4-year term, $100,000 annual salary, elected by plurality)
      - Creation of a Director of Administrative Services position
      - Elimination of the City Manager position
      - Mayoral appointment of all City administrative positions without City Council approval
      - Mayoral participation at Board of Education meetings
      - Mayoral submittal of the initial annual budget
      - Mayoral veto power over City Council measures
      - Doubling the number of signatures required for referenda petitions
      - Limiting budget referenda to two
      - Elimination of both the Board of Finance’s ability to set a budget cap and its responsibility for approving bonds

    Any questions may be addressed to Councilor Sprecace by using the "Feedback" link at the upper right of this site.

    NLRTC Forum Presentation on Proposed Charter Amendments (.pdf)
    Final Report on Proposed Amendments to the New London City Charter (.pdf)