Magnet School Plan

STATUS DETAILS: Information regarding the status of the two Magnet Schools being built in New London is included below.

    See Magnet School Progress from New London Public Schools for the latest news on Magnet School progress.

    Site Plan for the Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School:

    Site Plan for the Winthrop Science Magnet School:

THE PLAN: The information and files included below are provided to present a case in support of New London's receipt of increased State aid for the construction of two magnet schools.

    The spreadsheet below was developed by Councilor Sprecace to compare different options relative to the New London 21st Century Facilities Plan (including the possibility of new Magnet Schools).

    The first option (column) includes figures gathered and assumed (as noted) relative to the "Magnet Plan." The second option also assumes that Harbor School would close, that its students would be sent to Nathan Hale and Winthrop Schools, but in a non-magnet capacity. Both Options 1 and 2 assume that the Nathan Hale and Winthrop would be "refurbished-as-new" to receive the State's maximum applicable reimbursement rate. The third option assumes that Harbor School would close, that its students would be sent to Nathan Hale and Winthrop Schools, the schools would not be magnet schools, and that refurbishments would not be "as-new" thereby recieving a lower (assumed at 50%) reimbursement rate.

    Also included below are a New London Magnet Plan Presentation, the letter from the Connecticut Commissioner of Education clarifying the intent of the 15% out-of-district student requirement, the Magnet Plan Fact Sheet developed by New London Public Schools, and a brief report on the status of magnet schools in New Haven.

    For more information related to magnet schools, you can review the applicable State requirements by clicking the "State Legislation" link at left.

    Revision Information:

      A new revision of this spreadsheet has been posted. Changes were made to include actual student population numbers (as reported in the 2008-2009 Board of Education Budget) and to clarify some of the figures. Specifically, revenue shown for students in magnet schools accounts for only those to attend the new, potential, magnet schools. Revenue for current magnet school students is assumed included in the "Non NL-supported Revenue" line. Also, class sizes were reduced, and additional staff were added at a higher salary. This was done since existing teacher and administration costs were removed from the calculation to determine "Added Consumable (non-Overhead) Cost." Additional notes may be found in the Footnotes and Global Assumptions sections at the bottom of the spreadsheet

    Magnet Plan Comparison, Rev. J (.pdf)
    Magnet Plan Presentation (.pdf)
    Letter from State Commissioner of Education (.pdf)
    NLPS Magnet School Plan Fact Sheet (.pdf)
    Report on Status of New Haven Magnet Schools (.pdf)