State Legislation Affecting New London

State legislation which affects, or could affect, New London is included in the links below.
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    Land Value Tax:

      Public Act No. 09-236: Public Act providing New London withthe opportunity to apply for a land value taxation pilot program.


      CGS Chapter 99*: Contains sections relative to municipal charters and special acts.




      CGS Sec. 10-262i: Prohibits municipalities from using State educational grant payments for other purposes.
      HB 5959 (2007): BILL proposes that the State fully fund local education costs in exchange for municipalities funding all other local costs.

      School Construction:

        CGS Sec. 10-286: Identifies reimbursable types of school construction and levels of reimbursement.
        CGS Sec. 10-286f: Prohibits consultants from raising fees as a result of material cost increases.

      Magnet Schools:

        CGS Sec. 10-264h: Holds municipalities liable for reimbursing the State if higher reimbursement rates are used for magnet schools and such schools cease to be magnet schools.
        CGS Sec. 10-264l: Limits in-district students to 75% of total enrollment and requires between 25% and 75% be racial minorities. This section also requires that sending districts pay for the special education costs of any of its students attending a magnet school.
        PA 07-249 Sec. 21: Identifies the 95% reimbursement rate for construction costs of magnet schools and replaces
        CGS Sec. 10-264h(a).
        PA 07-249 Sec. 30 (a): Qualifies cities like New London as interdistrict magnet districts and requires school districts to secure funding authorization for the local share prior to the application deadline.
        PA 07-3 (HB 8003) Sec. 23: States that the grant amount for the 95% reimbursement rate shall cap at $10M and that, before June 30, 2012, the enrollment rate of out-of-district students must be at least 15% of the total district-wide enrollment. This section replaces PA 07-249 Sec. 30 (b).
        PA 07-3 (HB 8003) Sec. 40: Requires that magnet schools have at least 55% of their own students (in-district) enrolled. Also identifies the State revenue provided for out-of-district students through 2011 and the $3,000 per in-district student State revenue provided for every year after 2008. This section replaces CGS Sec. 10-264l Subsection (c).

    Freedom of Information Act (Specifically with respect to Executive Sessions):

      CGS Sec. 1-200(6): Allows public agencies to exclude the public from its procedings for certain issues.

    Port Authorities:

      CGS Sec. 7-329a: Allows certain municipalities to establish port authorities (includes Secs. 7-329a through 7-329u).

    Residency of City Employees:

      CGS Sec. 7-460b: Prohibits municipalities from requiring city employees, subject to collective bargaining, to live in the city.

    Sale of Municipal Property:

      PA 07-218 (HB 5729): Requires municipalities to hold a public hearing prior to final approval of any land sale.