Program Review

Information regarding the New London City Council Public Safety and Program Review Committee and Sub-Committee is included below.

In addition to its public safety oversight duties, in 2009, this committee evaluated City departments and programs in an effort to identify reductions in City operating costs and increases in revenues. Members of the standing committee are:

    Councilor Mike Buscetto, Chairman
    Deputy Mayor John Maynard
    Councilor Adam Sprecace

A sub-committee was established to assist in the review process. Members of the sub-committee were:

    Jay Wheeler, Chairman
    Lorraine Allen
    Peter Bergeron
    Reid Burdick
    Marie Gravell
    Carl Lee
    Jeff McDowell
    Dan McSparren

Both the standing committee and special sub-committee met between January and March, 2009, and their recommendations are available by accessing the link below. Note, some areas of the file have been "whited-out" to remove notes written by Councilor Sprecace. However, all original information is included.

    Recommendations of the New London City Council Public Safety and Program Review Committe and Sub-Committee (.pdf)

At the March 23, 2009, City Council meeting, the Council voted to direct the City manager to implement, where able, the recommendations of the committee and sub-committee and report back to the council on those items which could not be inplemented. The motion included the provision that a final Council vote will be required to enact the recommendations.